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Hongru Forum holds its first asset management summit with oriental Patron on 24th April 2016, Shanghai!

The Hongru Forum held its first asset management summit with oriental Patron on April 24th 2016 at The China Financial Information Center in Shanghai. Industry leaders were invited to share their global perspectives and investment management experiences on the hedge fund industry.

Sunshine funds are growing at an astonishing pace in China’s wealth market. Since the registration regarding private equity funds were implemented in 2014, there have been more than 25,000 funds registered, with the overall asset under management reaching 5.21T RMB. Meanwhile, Chinese Sunshine Funds are also tapping into overseas markets. Investment management towards these funds are becoming more diversified; with quantitative, relative arbitrage, global macro, and event-driven investment strategies performing well. Sunshine funds have also attracted an increasing number of institutional investors, aiding the acceleration of these funds.  

In 2016, it is anticipated that asset managers and firms will encounter unprecedented development opportunities and uncertainties. How shall asset management companies in China deploy and deal with such challenges? How should asset managers and firms grasp these upcoming opportunities in rapid changing markets? Hongru Forum invites Mr. Gao Bo Zhang, Founder and CEO of oriental Patron Financial Group, Mr. Hai Bin Zhu, Chief China Economist of J.P. Morgan, Ms. Aradhna Dayal, Chief Editor and Head of Asia for HedgeFund Intelligence, Mr. Frank Ding, Founder & CIO of Fountain Cap, Mr. Jason Xiao Fei Jiang, CIO of Jasper Capital, Mr. Xiang Hui Li, General Manager for China of Canyon Partners, Huaijie Yang from ShenYi Investment and Xiaopeng WU, CEO of Wallstreet CN, and other industry leaders from global asset management firms, to discuss and answer these question on the global trends occurring within the private fund industry.

In addition, there will be a private session held at CGB Private Bank Centre at Shanghai IFC Two on April 25th 2016. We have invited professionals from The Alternative Investment Management Association, OP Investment Management, and TMF Custom House to share their management experiences within hedge fund investing overseas.


Hong Ru Forum: Global Trend of Private Fund Industry

No.18 Dongyuan Road, Pudong, China Financial Information Center, Shanghai

24 April 2016, Sunday

13:30-14:00        Registration

14:00-14:10        Opening Speech

                          Jingheng LI, Deputy General Manager, China Financial Information Center

14:10-14:40        Keynote Speech

                          Topic: Why is Hong Kong important to Chinese Sunshine Funds as a Fund Hub?

                          Gaobo ZHANG, Founder & CEO, oriental Patron Financial Group

14:45-15:15        Keynote Speech

                          Topic: Change in the global economy

                          Haibin ZHU, Chief China Economist, J.P. Morgan & Co.

15:20-15:50        Keynote Speech

                          Topic: Major moves on the region’s hedge fund market and global competition

                          Aradhna DAYAL, Chief Editor, Asia Hedge, Hedge Fund Intelligence

15:55-16:25       Keynote Speech

                          Topic: Searching for Long-term Investment Opportunities Globally

                          Frank DING, Founder & CIO, Fountain Cap Research & Investment Co., Ltd

16:25-16:40        Tea Break

16:40-17:30        Panel Discussion


                          Moderator: Wallstreet CN


                          Frank DING, Founder & CIO, Fountain Cap Research & Investment Co., Ltd

                          Jason Xiaofei JIANG, CIO, Jasper Capital Ltd

                          Xianghui Li, General Manager & Managing Director, Canyon PartnersChina

                          Huaijie Yang, Director of Institutional Department, Shanghai ShenYi Investment Co. Ltd

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For any enquiries, please contact Ms. Zhang 021-68545701,


Private Session of Global Hedge Fund Management and Operation

Private Banking Centre, China Guangfa Bank, Shanghai International Finance Centre (Two)

25 April 2016, Monday

15:30-18:00       Topics:

                          Global Hedge Fund Performance, Trends and Challenges

                          Asian Hedge Fund Operational experience

                          Case Study: Chinese Hedge Funds Going Offshore


                          Frank Wu, General Manager and Director, Alternative Investment Management Association

                          Alvin Fan, Director and CEO, OP Investment Management Ltd

                          Wei Li, Executive Vice President, OP Investment Management Ltd

                          Allen Li, Director, TMF Custom House Global Fund Services

For register through (Chinese Only)

For any enquiries, please contact Ms. Ding 852-29169213,

About Hongru Forum

Hongru Forum is a public forum organized by Hongru Financial Education Foundation and SIFL Institute. Since 2012, a series of events has been held by Hongru Forum on the theme of Chinese economy and finance industry. The event is held every two weeks and brings together approximately 100 participants from finance industry in China each time.

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Hongru Financial Education Foundation is launched by alumni of Postgraduate Dept. of the People’s Bank of China, and named after Prof. Liu Hongru (first chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission), as a private foundation administered by Beijing Federation of Social Sciences Circles and registered at Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau.

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