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FANG Sihai

Senior Researcher of SIFL INSTITUTE

Dr. Fang Sihai graduated from USTC in 1989, and obtained his master’s degree and Ph.D respectively from Graduate School of the People's Bank of China and Nankai University. He engaged in the Postdoctoral Research at Tsinghua University School of Economies and Management and concurrently served as a professor of economics and finance for many famous universities and also a doctoral tutor of Financial Engineering.

The chief economist and currently chief financial engineering researcher of Hong Yuan Securities Co., Ltd., mainly responsible for research in the Macroscopic turning point and Strategic Asset Allocation(SAA), and has published many academic books, having successively published more than 200 commercial research reports.

His research interests are mainly involved with: (1) Augmentation and Application of Portfolio Theory for Venture Companies (particularly VC&PE); (2) Research of Generalized Investment and Macro Finance: Strategic Asset Allocation of institutional investors (Index strategies, Bulk Commodity Allocation, partial alternative investment products, government behaviors and asset market); (3) Macro turning point, planning and Strategic Asset Allocation(SAA).


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